Heart's Discovery

...Gwen Williams

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A healing place surrounded by trees, clean air, water and Feng Shui principles to optimize good energy. A place for friends to gather, feel loved and supported.


Writing, blogging, poetry, and publishing works inspired by the beauty of nature. Connecting with others in a meaningful way. Learning to follow the voice within.


Caring for others and healing with energy, good intentions, words,  acupuncture, herbs and natural medicine. Seeing people blossom towards true-self.

" The cycle of the earth breathes the energy of birth, growth and decline, we too undergo a cycle of transformation. Awaken to this rebirth. Know that the universe is at the core of who you are. Be in awe and see magic in the ordinary. Feel the peace of gratitude. Listen to your heart. Seek your true self. Be free. Love yourself wholly. Know that you are perfect just as you are." - Heart's Discovery